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National Events

In-person events

BACH National Annual Conference  Sunday 14 November to Tuesday 16 November 2021 in Lincoln

The conference will have keynote presenters, including the Skills Minister.  It will cover topics including T Levels, Moden Methods of Construction, Digital teaching and much more.  It has networking and discussion built in.  The price is £600 but the Members pay £450.  If your college or organisation joined before 28 February you will receive an extra £75 - so the entire conference will be £375 per person.  Most of the £75 saving has been funded by the hotel.

BACH National Development Day  This event focuses on quality CPD and updates including Ofsted Inspections, T Levels, Apprenticeships, New qualifications and Funding.  Date to be amounced.



Regional Events

Each Region sets its own programme, but Members are welcome at all Regional events

Regional CPD  Each Region holds a termly meeting for its Members.  Many Regions have awarding bodies, suppliers, employers and organisations interested in construction training at their events.



Online events

Studio Background

Online events

National Webinars and online sessions

BACH is committed to providing online events, as an additional Member's Benefit and as part of our increasing CPD delivery.  The above photo is part of our new mobile presentation studio.

These events are sometimes on a subject of interest to most members, while other are targeted to a specific trade group, an interest group.  Subjects can cover new development in teaching, changes to exams or courses, update to funding,  in fact, anything that interests our Members. They are often run to give updates that are urgent, for consultations and to introduce new partners to our Members.



Event Venue Date
Members online Community Drop-in Wednesday 01 December 2021 Online MS Teams
  • 1st December 2021 10:30
TEST to improve the BACH Booking system
  • 11th January 2023 08:00
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