Full membership is available at a cost of £295 per year, to organisations that offer education and training in the construction curriculum including construction craft-based training and/or the professional and technical subjects of the Diploma and/or Higher Education.

If your organisation is a work based or employer training provider in the construction industry, you may also apply for full membership.

Apply for BACH Membership TODAY

If you wish to renew your BACH membership or become a new member please complete a BACH Membership Application Form.

Annual Membership fees

Full BACH membership for colleges, training providers and awarding bodies costs £295 per year (the BACH membership year is the calendar year starting 1 January 2019) and includes two named members who can attend regional and national events at members rates.

  • Additional named members – £75 each
  • Consultants/freelancers not working long-term for a particular college – £75
  • Retired members £12

Free and discounted National Development CPD Day places

BACH 2019 membership also includes a free place at the BACH National Development Day in November, worth £100. Other named members receive a 50% discount.

Only BACH Members can attend Regional meetings

Only current BACH named members and invited presenters are able to attend regional meetings and CPD events. In the past, we know some other Construction Heads have attended. However, to be fair to paid-up members the only exception we will make is for those looking to join BACH who are allowed to sample one regional event. With our new membership and event booking systems, we can monitor attendance.

Discounted part year joining fees will not be available to most colleges

In the past, we know some colleges have joined late in the year at reduced fees. Now these reduced fees are only available to a college that has not been a member in the previous year and have not received a reduced joining fee in the last 2 years.


Once a completed form is received we will invoice the college or organisation.On the invoice there is a link ‘pay online’ for debit or credit cards. BACH never sees or holds your card details for your security. The invoice also includes BACS details.

If you have any questions about renewal or join BACH please contact Ian Stirling Business Manager via email on ian.s@bach.ac.uk or call 07539 143184.