Join the BACH campaign to fight the cuts to Level 2 training

23rd Feb 2021 | Posted In Uncategorised

Share Best Practice in construction training

BACH is asking its members to contact their local radio and news media to drum up support for Young People looking for a career in the construction trades. Read the article in FE News (Further Education News). BACH believes the propose cuts to the funding training FE News Fight the cuts to Level 2 Training.

BACH says, “There are 1.1 million jobs in the construction industry at level 2 (or below), and the Government’s new apprentices are predominantly at level 2. Employers highly value Level 2 training for the construction workforce. It is a critical backbone of the industry and is one way Young People can find employment success at these challenging times. These good, well-paid jobs make an enormous contribution to the UK’s economy. The Government must continue to invest in this level of training to fill the demand for these jobs and help young people out of their disrupted COVID education”.

“To support the large numbers of students with low-level achievements coming from schools to colleges, practical courses that lead to employment are still vital for many learners. This is not the time for cuts funding. Every community has a significant workforce trained at a Further Education College, particularly in the construction trades.

Please share our concerns, so the Government reviews support for young people leaving education and looking for a route into employment.