Update on the BACH letter to the Skills Minister from BACH’s President

11th Feb 2021 | Posted In BACH News

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We’ve had a positive reaction to the letter to the Skills Minister from IfATE who have been contacted by DfE on the T Level point.

They are now willing to re-look at re-positioning the On-site T Level to potentially provide a pathway into L4 – L6 Site Management Apprenticeships – i.e. not an alternative to the L2 apprenticeships.

They are wanting to set up a workshop with IfATE, C&G and BACH on this end February – March [I guess March more likely] and want a maximum of 2 BACH members to be part of the workshop. They must be BACH members who can input and advise on changing the T Level positioning to a career pathway into L4 – L6

Who feels best placed to do this?

I’m being asked to go back with a few names early next week



Graham Hasting Evans

BACH President

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